Constitutional Hydrotherapy 

What is Constitutional Hydrotherapy?

Constitutional hydrotherapy is a treatment modality that uses water and a low-volt sine wave machine as a therapeutic agent. Constitutional hydrotherapy is used to increase oxygen and nutrients to your organs and supports the elimination of environmental toxins and metabolic wastes from your body. Treatment is typically one hour and involves a combination of hot and cold wet towels that are applied to your chest, abdomen, and back. Low-voltage sine wave stimulation to your abdomen and back is also used at specific times to enhance treatment results. Constitutional hydrotherapy is a safe and non-invasive method that is used to support your body’s own healing process.

Hydrotherapy Sessions:

Constitutional hydrotherapy treatments usually last about one hour. Ideally, treatment sessions are scheduled once per week for four consecutive weeks or more, depending on your needs, to get the greatest benefit.

health conditions constitutional hydrotherapy can Improve:

Constitutional hydrotherapy is useful for many health conditions! It can improve digestion and heal digestive problems by increasing peristalsis and enhancing stomach, gallbladder, and pancreatic function. It can improve circulation of both the cardiovascular system and lymphatic system, stimulate the immune system via the abdominal lymphatic tissue, and is calming to the autonomic nervous system so can help with anxiety. Since it increases detoxification and circulation it can also help to balance hormones and support sexual/reproductive health. The use of alternating hot and cold wet towels causes a therapeutic effect to almost every area of the body because of the increased circulation. The low-voltage sine wave stimulation helps to direct the increased blood flow to specific organs.

Digestive Wellness and circulation

Constitutional hydrotherapy helps to improve digestive function and nutrition by activating the migrating motor complex of the gastrointestinal tract and can be beneficial for conditions like IBS, SIBO, GERD, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis. It also encourages detoxification by stimulating the liver and gallbladder. Constitutional hydrotherapy stimulates the microcirculation which is beneficial for the cardiovascular system as well. It can help conditions like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids.

Emotional wellbeing, nervous system support, and sleep quality

Constitutional hydrotherapy helps to balance the nervous system by stabilizing mood and calming anxiety. This is due to the combined action of thermal activation from the hot and cold wet towels and the low-volt sine wave machine which is biologically compatible. Because constitutional hydrotherapy acts by calming the autonomic nervous system, it can also improve sleep quality.

Hormone balancing and Sexual/reproductive health

Constitutional hydrotherapy helps to balance hormones by encouraging detoxification through the liver which is where hormones are processed. It can be beneficial for health conditions that are due to excess female or male reproductive hormones and can also help to clear acne since it is often caused by hormone imbalances. Other conditions it can benefit include PMS, menstrual cramps, irregular menstrual bleeding, uterine fibroids, low libido, and infertility.

What do you use during a Treatment?


Water: Water has been used for its healing properties for thousands of years because it is cheap, effective, has a multi-system effect, and is usually readily available and safe. During a constitutional hydrotherapy session alternating hot and cold wet towels are placed on your chest, abdomen, and back. This causes your blood vessels to widen and then narrow creating a pumping action that enhances circulation throughout your body.


Low-Volt Sine Wave:  A low-volt sine wave machine is used to stimulate your muscles and spinal nerves. This helps to improve digestion, circulation, and immune function, as well as reduce swelling. The low-volt sine wave pads are placed on your abdomen and back to stimulate the spinal nerves that control digestion. This leads to activation of the digestive tract and helps with improved digestion, increased output of digestive enzymes, and regulates peristalsis (the rhythmic smooth muscle contractions of the digestive tract).

What can I Expect During A Constitutional Hydrotherapy Treatment?

During a constitutional hydrotherapy session you can expect to spend about 50 minutes lying on a comfortable massage table covered with a sheet and warm blankets in a calm environment. I will ask you questions about your health history, goals, and any concerns you have. Alternating hot and cold wet towels will be placed on your bare chest, abdomen, and back at specific times while you are still covered with a sheet and blankets. Then, the low-volt sine wave machine will also be turned on at specific times. The hot towel is usually very comfortable for people. The cold towel can sometimes cause a little gasp at first, but your body will soon start to warm the cold towel and you should find yourself relaxing as your body responds to the treatment. The low-volt sine wave is turned up to your own comfort and may feel like a mild tingling on the back and abdomen as the nerves and organs are activated. You may end up drifting off to sleep during the session and wake up feeling calm yet energized. Relaxed and at the same time vital.


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