Dr. Lena Robertson 


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About Me

Hi, I’m Dr. Lena Robertson, ND. Based in beautiful Bellingham, WA, my passion is to help you along your journey towards better health! My specialty is helping you find the beauty and vibrancy of aging along with the goal of achieving optimal health so you can do the things in life that you love. My other specialties are nervous system and emotional health, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, as well as sexual and reproductive health.


  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND); Bastyr University

  • East Asian Medical Practitioner (EAMP); Wu Hsing Tao School of Five Element Acupuncture

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology (BS); University of Washington


I was raised in a large family that loved to travel - while visiting countries all over the world I was fascinated by the different cultures and the healing methods they used. It amazed me how effective these healing methods could be - like eating specific foods to help with digestive problems, drinking herbal teas throughout the day for hormone balancing, using acupuncture for pain relief or emotional support. I could also see how beneficial Western medicine was for emergencies and many types of disease processes that need higher force interventions. I was so passionate about learning these healing modalities that I went back to school in my mid-thirties to pursue my degrees in Acupuncture and Naturopathic Medicine.

Experiencing a traumatic brain injury from a car accident a few months before starting medical school led me on my own personal healing journey. I found that using an integrative approach to healing gave me the best outcome to restored health. It also emphasized just how individualized healing is. Personal stories of people I am close to also shaped my passion for healing - Losing my uncle at a young age to suicide, watching my mom manage diabetes, hearing how my grandmother is coping with dementia, and seeing a close friend struggle with infertility are a few examples.

How I can Help You 

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself and I am here to support, empower, and guide you as you do your healing! When working with you, I will take the time to hear your story, spend time with you discussing your health goals, diagnose health conditions, educate you about your health concerns, and offer treatment options that address the cause of the problem and are individualized to your specific needs. It is my intention to honor your healing journey and offer the best solutions for your health so you can experience lasting results!

I love working with foundations to health because they are gentle and effective methods of healing - air, food, hydration, sleep, environment, exercise, emotions, and community. I use integrative medicine in my practice because it combines the best that medicine has to offer: Traditional healing modalities and modern medical science. Integrative medicine includes lifestyle changes, acupuncture, counseling, botanical medicine, physical medicine, nutrition, nutritional supplements, and pharmaceuticals. My goal for treatment is to use the most effective and least invasive options available. I would be honored to walk beside you on your healing journey!


Health interests

Aging vibrantly, longevity, nutrition, digestive health, mental and emotional health, sexual and reproductive health, nervous system and sleep health, hormone balancing, diabetes, cardiovascular health, geriatrics, preventive health care, hydrotherapy, Five Element Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Integrative Medicine.

Specialty electives

Neurological Diseases; Paola Costa-Mallen, PhD

Intuitive Eating and Other Philosophies of Nourishment; Shana Goldman, MS, RDN

Sleep Health and Disorders; Dr. Catherine Darley, ND

Advanced Topics in Gynecology; Dr. Laurie Cullen, ND, Dr. Kris Somol, ND

clinical training

Clinical Rotations (Naturopathic Medicine):

Specialty Clinical Rotations (Naturopathic Medicine):

  • Counseling, diabetes and cardiovascular wellness, digestive wellness, reproductive health, brain and emotional wellness, environmental medicine, physical medicine; Bastyr Center for Natural Health

Clinical Preceptorships and Internships:

  • Digestive medicine, hormone therapy, thyroid care, family medicine, diabetes care, allergies; Dr. Kathleen Janel, ND; Specialty Natural Medicine

  • Family medicine, women’s health, hormone replacement therapy for men and women, thyroid health, SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), weight loss, anti-aging medicine, food allergies and sensitivities; Dr. Rian Shah, ND; Cascade Integrative Medicine

  • Geriatric and adult care, cognitive wellness; Dr. Alethea Fleming, ND; Vital Aging Clinic

  • Digestive issues, autoimmunity, nutrition; Dr. Tim Gerstmar, ND; Aspire Natural Health

  • Endocrine health for men and women, Bio-Identical Hormones, fertility, healthy aging, digestive health, autoimmunity, functional testing; Dr. Mylinh Vo, ND; Restore Balance Natural Health Center

  • Primary care, diabetes, nutrition, weight loss, cognitive health, sexual and reproductive health, allergies; Dr. Mark Steinberg, ND; Bellingham Naturopathic Clinic

Professional Affiliations

What I enjoy

  • Reading books about travel, health and medicine, people, plants

  • Experimenting in the kitchen - creating recipes with whole foods that are full of color, flavor, and nutrients

  • Green tea and dark chocolate

  • Photography, art, music

  • Working in my garden

  • Watching a good movie

  • Self-care days at a spa

  • My husband, children, family, friends, animals

  • Kindness, compassion, caring for nature

  • Medicine, health, healing

  • Knowledge - learning something new every day

  • Camping, hiking the beautiful trails and mountains of the Pacific Northwest

  • Swimming in crystal clear lakes and oceans

  • Visiting gorgeous destinations around the world

  • Staying active, movement, soccer, Pilates, yoga