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New Heights Natural Heath is located in the vibrant city of Bellingham, Washington. Dr. Lena Robertson is a naturopathic doctor offering specialty services that include natural treatment and care plans for digestive, brain, hormone and sexual health, aging, and emotional well being.  

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My goal is to offer you lasting solutions for your health so that you can thrive in life and have more time to do the things that you love. I will provide you with an individualized, integrative approach to healing that addresses the goals you want to achieve as well as give you the knowledge and tools to take charge of your own health. I offer Naturopathic Medicine appointments with a specialty in digestive, brain, hormone and sexual health, aging, and emotional wellbeing.


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Dr. Lena Robertson crafts individualized care plans for each patient. Through a plan of integrated and natural treatment, she will work to heal the body. When working with you, she will take the time to hear your story, spend time with you discussing your health goals, diagnose health conditions, educate you about your health concerns, and offer treatment options that address the cause of the problem and are individualized to your specific needs. It is her intention to honor your healing journey and offer the best solutions for your health so you can experience lasting results!