Buying Fruits

Photo by Jamie V Photography

Photo by Jamie V Photography

I love buying fruits! My early childhood years were spent in a tropical climate and I always had an abundance of tasty fruits to eat. Some of my earliest memories are of eating watermelon daily on the balcony, looking for lemons or mangos on the trees in my back yard, eating around the seeds of a guava, and finding dates on the ground under the palm trees by the water. My favorite fruit though was an apple because they were not as easy to come by so I only got apples on “special occasions” like when I was sick.

From a health point of view, fruits have amazing healing properties since they are full of vitamins and phytonutrients. Some of the best fruit I ever tasted was on a You-Pick-Farm in the height of summer because they were so ripe, sweet, and juicy. If you ever get the chance to pick fruit for yourself I highly recommend it! Look online in your area for You-Pick-Farms and see when they are in season and open to the public. Similar to vegetables, other good places to buy fruit are at a local Farmer’s Market, food co-op or health food store, or local grocery store. If you can get them in season, ripe, and organic that would be best, but if that is not an option then get whatever fresh fruit you are able to since they are delicious and healthy! Frozen fruit is also nice to use for smoothies and other desserts.

I have had the disheartening experience of buying fruit only to have it taste “like cardboard”, hard and not juicy, and without the amazing sweet smell that you often get with fruit that is ripe and ready to eat. If you can, avoid that because you will be disappointed. Some things I look for when buying fruit are: How vibrantly colored are they? If they are not the deep, rich color you expect to see for that fruit then it is probably not ripe. How firm are they? This is a tricky one because some fruits you want firm, and some you want more juicy or soft- I will go into more detail about this in my next blog about fruit (coming soon). How sweet do they smell? Yes, I am one of those annoying shoppers that will actually smell a fruit before buying it! And, no, you don’t have to touch it with your nose, just hold it close enough to smell the sweetness or not. Believe me, if it is sweet, you will smell it.

There are so many amazing ways to prepare fruits that are easy and delicious and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite recipes with you. In honesty though, my favorite way to eat fruit is in it’s whole form. Yes, you can juice, cook, and bake with fruits, but nothing beats eating it fresh just as it is!