Preventive Healthcare


Solutions with Preventive Health Care:

Preventing diseases and health conditions from occurring in the first place is my main goal! I love working with the foundations of health: Air, Food, Hydration, Sleep, Environment, Exercise, Emotions, and Community because many diseases can be avoided or at least reduced in severity by working with these essentials for health. If you are ready to make foundational health changes then I am happy to help you with solutions that are specific to your needs and that you feel empowered to implement in your life. If you are already making lifestyle changes to better your own health but feel you could benefit from advice or someone to keep you accountable and on the right track I can help you. The risk of acquiring certain diseases can rise based on age, genetics, environmental, and lifestyle factors which is why specific screening exams and tests are recommended to help diagnose them before they can cause more harm. I can counsel you on what screening exams are appropriate for you. It is easier and less costly to prevent disease from occurring than it is to treat afterwards!

Conditions I work with:

  • Hormone health

  • Sexual & Reproductive health

  • Screening for colon cancer

  • Screening for breast cancer

  • Screening for cervical cancer

  • Screening for prostate cancer

  • General preventive health

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Metabolic health

  • Gastrointestinal health

  • Nervous system health